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Spring Breakout! How To Avoid Flare-Ups As The Season Changes

Sun. Beaches. BBQs. Tan skin. Warm weather is coming, and after the bleak COVID winter we. are. ready.

For anyone who’s dealt with acne though, the changing season can mean a new dread: breakouts. Experiencing more breakouts over the spring and summer months is a shared bane for many teens and adults, but there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a bad summer breakout. 

Here’s how to help your skin cope with hotter weather and the changing seasons.

Why Acne Breakouts Happen When It’s Hot

Our skin is constantly producing oil, called sebum. People who deal with acne often produce a thicker, more viscous sebum oil that can accumulate on the surface of the skin and contribute to clogged pores. As pores clog with a combination of sebum, dirt and dead skin cells, they can plug up and harbor bacteria that contribute to inflammation – and eventually a pimple. 

Over the summer in the heat and humidity our skin produces more sweat and oil, and your skin can be stickier than usual. With more dead skin cells, oily lotions like sunblock, more dirt and dust from being outdoors, and an increase in sebum, hot weather is a recipe for breakouts. Solutions do exist however, and there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of a summer breakout. 

Kick The Winter Moisturizer

This seasonal transition is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about your spring and summer skincare routine now rather than once the problems start. If you’ve been using a heavier moisturizer over the winter months to combat the dry, dehydrating environment, it’s time to consider something lighter.

Just like you’re putting away those wool winter sweaters, it’s time to shelve that winter moisturizer. Lighter, water-based lotions will do the job without compounding the effects of humidity and sweat. Look for humectants like hyaluronic acid, which can help keep you moisturized without the heft or weight of many creams.

Be Selective About The Sunblock

You probably already know just how critical good skin protection is year-round, but some SPF is more important than ever over the summer months. 

Here’s the thing: watch what you’re slathering on. Opt for oil-free sunscreens and consider washing your face and acne-problem-spots more frequently to prevent breakouts. These days, there are even some powder-based SPFs that can do the job without any greasy fuss, though they take some getting used to.

Bottom line: Drop the heavy, creamy sunscreens in favor of lighter options.

Consider Paring Back The Makeup

The summer months are the time to consider scaling back your makeup routine. More product on your face increases the likelihood of blocked pores and problems arising. Do what you can to cut back on makeup, or consider lighter products that will let your skin breath no matter the environment. Everyone loves your natural summer glow anyway.

Don’t Over-Wash or Over-Exfoliate

Over-washing and exfoliating can be just as detrimental to your skin as never washing. 

When you over-wash or exfoliate too much, you can deplete your skin of its natural oils completely, resulting in your skin overproducing sebum in an attempt to catch back up. An over-production of sebum will only exacerbate the issue.

Keep your cleansing routine gentle, once- or twice-daily, and don’t go overkill with harsh cleansers. There’s more to fighting acne than soap and water, and for many women, a prescription acne serum can do wonders in fighting breakouts. 

Consider A True Acne Treatment

A true prescription-grade acne treatment can work miracles for many acne sufferers, especially when administered with the help of a licensed professional.

Nava MD’s tele-dermatology approach lets you connect with a healthcare professional for prescription-strength serums tailored to your skin and your situation. 

For example, Nava MD’s personalized acne treatment contains a blend of three potent ingredients known for their acne-fighting and skin-health qualities. It marries the antibiotic clindamycin with tretinoin and niacinamide to battle bacteria while supporting skin cell turnover for rapid healing. These ingredients are blended based on your skin type and your acne condition: they’re customized for you, with the help of our expert physicians. 

Fight Breakouts All Day With A Dermatologist’s Help

That’s the crux of Nava MD’s mission: help women access prescription-grade skincare solutions from home. Dermatology is a complex field, and just getting an appointment can be a non-starter – not to mention prohibitively expensive. 

We’ve made that easy with custom blends for your skin type and condition, and our personalized acne treatment is a great option if you’re dreading this spring and summer. Every new patient gets a free consultation to find the right blend for their skin. Get started with Nava MD and kiss the guess-work goodbye.

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